Chinese minister

Brother Paul left mainland China and came to the USA in 2001 for graduate school. He was baptized at the University Baptist Church of Fairbanks Alaska in Oct. 2002 and has been convicted that God is truthful through Bible studies at church and the countless blessings that he has experienced in life. In 2005, he survived a helicopter crash, which became a turning-point for his spiritual life, as a result he learned to view life from the eternal perspective and also deeply believed that the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ was credible and genuine. In 2007, Paul and his wife, Agnes moved to Houston TX and worked as an engineer.  Since then, he has attended worship services and also served at the Houston Chinese Baptist Church except for about four years of work in other cities. Brother Paul graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary in the Spring of 2023 and earned a Master of Art in Christian Studies (MACS). He interned as seminary student at the Sugar Land Chinese Baptist Church since the spring of 2022 and continued to serve the church after graduation by working with the pastor and coworker team. Brother Paul uses two Bible verses to guide his service in church: “Concerning myself with my Father’s affairs” (Luke 2:49) and “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 2:5) To serve God through Christ is to experience immeasurable blessings with all saints.