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Family Fellowship

Family Fellowship

Family fellowship will be held once a month, the 4th Saturday of every month. We are using "Parenting is Heart Work," and it has 8 sessions.


Here is the info. for Family fellowship meeting in August. Will you pick a group pic. to replace the graphic for family fellowship.

08/24/13 Saturday 5-7pm. Family fellowship will discuss "Correction Ideas that Touch Heart." Following by potluck dinner.

8月24日星期六 五至七點  親子團契將討論"能觸摸人心的糾正方法 " 各家帶一道菜



Family fellowship will be held at 5-7pm on Saturday, 27th of July at church. Topic is "Reaching Deep into Child's Heart." Potluck dinner will followed by the discussion. Child care is available, please invite your family friends to join us.

七月份親子團契將於二十七日星期六晚間五到七點在教會舉辦  題目是"深入了解孩子的心" 會後有晚餐 各家帶一道菜  有兒童照顧  歡迎邀請有孩子的朋友參加